I am Angelos Georgakis. I used to work in investment banking in London. Yea, suit, tie, and other BS. The more money I was getting, the less happy I was becoming. I had no time for my passions like language learning, mathematics, history, music.

I left my job. Now I am travelling the world inspiring and getting inspired by people who want to grow and get better. No, no, no! I hadn’t accumulated a ton of wealth before quitting and now I am just living the dream. It was a hard but honest decision. What’s the reward? People from every corner of the world saying: “Angelos, I am practicing your language learning methods and I am seeing great progress”. I am thinking sometimes…If I was still working in an office looking at Excel spreadsheets, would I ever connect with those souls?

Do you have a similar story? I wanna hear it. Drop me a message at livediversified [at] gmail.com. And don’t leave before subscribing here.

Remember one thing: Those who compromise their dreams just to feel financially safe, commit a crime against themselves and humanity.

PS: For those of you who are learning Russian, I’ve moved all my resources to a new website http://explorerussian.com. Check it out!

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