My Girlfriend Teaches Me Russian

My Girlfriend Teaches Me Russian
Since I started Explore Russian, lots of you have been getting in touch because you want to meet a Russian woman. And that's great! That was one of the reasons I learned Russian myself. I even mentioned that when I gave a talk at Oxford University a couple of years ago. Since then, it's been great to work closely with some of you coaching you towards that goal. How to approach a Russian woman on the street? How come they smile to you? What do you say? How do they think? My Russian Language Survival Guide for those who date or are planning to date a Russian woman is now ready. I've compiled this guide from 100% real conversations and written communication between my Russian girlfriend and me while living here in St. Petersburg.
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About the Book

This book is a Russian language survival guide for men who date or are planning to date a Russian woman.

Here, you will find numerous phrases and specific vocabulary that you are definitely going to need when communicating with your Russian girlfriend.

I didn’t imagine this book. I was not looking up at the ceiling thinking about what to write. The content of this book is 100% real-life language examples between my Russian girlfriend and me while living in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

I’ve been growing a list of vocabulary and phrases since the very first moment I met my girlfriend here in Saint Petersburg. Whenever she would say something that I found interesting or something that I didn’t know, I would jot it down. I included tender or beautiful words, romantic phrases, slang, colloquial expressions … everything! To compile this book, I also went through all our written communications—text messages, Whatsapp, Viber, VKontakte, and Facebook.

Please note that I was growing these vocabulary lists for myself. The idea of writing the book came afterwards. So, the communication was not influenced by the fact that I would be writing a book about it later.

Besides a huge list of phrases, this is what you’ll get in this book:

– Additional grammar notes and word associations (imperfective and perfective verbs, grammar cases, similar grammar structures, associated vocabulary)
– Tips on how to behave with a Russian woman
– Tips on how to approach and meet a Russian woman on the street
– Important elements of the Russian culture



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