Learn Russian Diversified

Learn Russian Diversified
This ebook is the result of my immersion into the Russian language. For three months, I was living a Russian life in London. I was studying passionately Russian every day for two or three hours. I was attending any Russian event I could find. I was hanging out with my Russian friends. I was speaking to any people on the street that spoke Russian and we became friends. I was singing Russian songs on my bike. I was playing Russian songs with my guitar. I was watching Soviet films. No teacher. No costs. Just free Internet resources and a ton of motivation. Russian is not easy. You know that already. I had to reinvent my approach to language learning. New techniques, films, practice on the street, kinaesthetic methods, social learning and more. The University of Cambridge recommends my methods to the students of the Slavic and Russian Department. The University of Oxford invited me to give a talk to the Russian Society (find link in description below). Get all the methods and resources all in one ebook. Start reading within a minute!
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About the Book

Most of you would agree that the Russian language is certainly not the easiest language to learn. It was not the easiest for me either. However, it was certainly the most beautiful language, and it opened a whole lot of horizons in my life. Most importantly, it helped me to completely change my approach to language learning—I applied science to it, I explored how the human memory works, and I avoided obstacles like boredom and procrastination.

This book is a complete comprehensive guide that will take you step by step on how to learn Russian with effective techniques and free Internet resources. The techniques engage all of your senses and stimulate your memory. They aim to make your learning experience better, more effective, and, ultimately, more fun.

The list of Internet resources and educational material is handpicked through a ton of resources that are available out there. Here, you will not get bombarded with an infinite list of resources that promise to teach you Russian. You can do that yourself with a simple Google search. Instead, you will only find a limited list of online resources that work and are straightforward for self-learning.

Most importantly, the approach of this book is holistic. Most of the techniques are universal and can be applied not only to Russian but also to any other language or subject. Learning Russian should be much more than just learning a language. This book will teach you how learning Russian can change the way you learn in general. It will reveal the secrets of effective memorization, make you love making mistakes, and turn you into a more social and adventurous language learner. I want to reveal a better YOU through the process of learning Russian.

To get an idea of what the book will be about, please watch my YouTube presentation at the University of Oxford.

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