Entrepreneurship sucks but…

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Hi guys,

I know you haven’t heard from me for a while.

The reason is I’ve been working hard on two courses, one on self-publishing and one on the Russian culture.

I’ve also been interviewing experts on various subjects you requested – learning, marketing, writing, self-development and more.

I’ll be publishing videos and new material soon so stay tuned!

I also wanted to share with you a few truths about my journey as an entrepreneur.

More than 3 years have passed since I gave up my investment banking job in London. I was an exciting decision but not an easy one.

When I decided to “work on the Internet”, I didn’t know the trouble I was getting myself into!

Entrepreneurship is tough! It’s high risk and requires lots of time and money investment without any guarantee.

Entrepreneurship is NOT travelling around the world with a laptop, working on the beach, enjoying your mojito and seeing the “passive” cash flow into your account!

Entrepreneurship is f***** tons of work, stress and anxiety.

It’s sleepless nights and high blood pressure!

And more pressure from your partner, pressure from your parents, pressure from your friends!

Pressure from yourself!


Everyone thinks you are crazy. You’ll be convinced you are crazy.

“You should always have a stop limit”, they’ll say! “If you don’t see results by the 1st of January xxxx, you should stop and get yourself a job again!”


Entrepreneurship SUCKS big time!

But you know what… entrepreneurship has also some bright sides.

Over the last three years I’ve been getting emails after emails from people like you to say “Hi, Thank you, I loved your video, Your book helped me with my studies, You made me a better person, You made me think, You helped me to take a serious decision in my life!”

A year-9 student from Australia wrote to me: “Our teacher showed us all your video today in the class! We have exams soon. Thank you for this vital source!”.

Over the last three years I’ve been honing my skills in language learning, writing, filming, video editing, marketing, public speaking, sales, web development! I’ve learned a ton things, mastered the Russian language, relocated to a new country. I’ve become a more rounded person. A true Live Diversified person!

I’ve learned to believe in myself, to keep myself accountable, not to give up. I’ve built patience. Patience guys. Patience is made from gold guys. All good things require patience. Entrepreneurship, a friendship, a relationship!

And something else. I now love Mondays! This is possible, seriously! Every day is an equally beautiful day!

Tell me guys, what’s the value of all the above? Price it!

We are all different. I’m not saying that everyone should become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship can be lonely (I forgot to mention that earlier) when it comes to doing the work. Yes, even if you have thousands of followers and you get a ton of emails. Some of us may feel more fulfilled in a big organisation with a great vision. That’s a fantastic feeling.

What I want to say is that you should not compromise your calling. You know deep inside what is the direction you should be going. I didn’t say the destination. Just a direction. Few people know exactly what they want to do in this life. It’s OK to be an explorer. But at least choose a path that feels good today. Choose with your heart. That path will lead you to the next path. And to the next path…

Have a great weekend,


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