Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing


Don’t have a product to sell? Don’t have a service to offer? You can STILL connect your audience with products/services that they need and make a huge profit.

The story here is very simple. Let’s say that your friend Nick needs to buy hosting service for his blog. You already have a blog and you know that BlueHost is the best hosting service out there. You know that Nick will avoid all the hassle that you went through trying to find the best hosting service when you started blogging.

You refer Bluehost to Nick using a link that is tagged with your id – name. Bluehost recognises your id, ie. they know that Nick came from you. Nick buys hosting plan for his blog and Bluehost award a commision to you for the referral.

Listen to this now. If the person you referred signs up for a monthly fee plan, you get a commision every month for referring that person! Awesome!

Affiliate marketing can generate incredibly large passive income streams! 

I know all this sounds easy but how do I start???

To avoid headaches and endless hours trying to make this work on your own, I recommend that you invest some money into a training programme. The programme I used myself is Affilorama. It’s totally straightforward and has good value for your money. They now provide even more videos (around 120) which are easy-to-follow video lessons to show you how to build your affiliate money-making business step-by-step. Even your grandma can follow these steps and build all the necessary infrastructure!

And Yes! All the links in this post are affiliate links! Why? Because I have tried Affilorama myself and I know it’s got great value. I got value from it as you will. And then you’ll be grateful to me for introducing you to the right service.

Lesson to be learned: When you use affiliate marketing, always refer your people to products or services that will add value to them. Don’t scam people. Look always for WIN-WIN scenarios.

To explore more ways to make passive income online, check my latest book Real Ways to Make Income Online 2017.

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