12 Languages in 1 Year

Hi guys,

I’m ready for a big project.

The title speaks for itself.

I want to dive into 12 new languages within 1 year.

Yep, 1 language per month.

You see I didn’t use the word “learn”. I used “dive”.

One month is probably not enough to learn a language but I’ll try to dive into each language as deep as possible.

What’s the plan?

This is what I’m thinking for the moment. Of course, this may change along the way.

  • 1 lesson every weekday on italki.
  • 1 hour of studying every weekday after lesson.
  • The Wednesday lesson will be a review lesson of a previously learned language. Review is very important otherwise I’ll forget everything. For this reason, I’ll follow research results in cognitive psychology explained in my book The Superlearner Myth.
  • Each lesson will be recorded and uploaded on this YouTube channel everyday.
  • 1 extra video per week with the progress of the week, all the new things I’ve learned etc.
  • For every language I will create an ebook. Part of the revenues will go to a charity. Any suggestions on the charity please?

Hence, it’s all about 10 hours a week (5 italki lessons + 5 hours of personal study).

I could do that full time but I have applied time restrictions to make this plan possible for people who work or study.

I understand that even 10 hours a week is too much for someone who works full-time, has a family, etc. However, learning a language requires some dedication and effort as every other goal in life.

What’s my experience with languages?

I have a passion for languages. I live in Saint Petersburg, Russia and I’m a teacher of English.

Currently, I speak 4 languages:

  • Greek (my native language)
  • English (fluent)
  • Spanish (fluent)
  • Russian (fluent)

Over the last year I’ve been making resources for those who learn the Russian language on Explore Russian and my YouTube Channel.

Which are the 12 languages?

My desire to learn a language has always been some sort of love for that language. OK, I learned English at school and I lived in London for 8 years. London is my second home after Lefkada, Greece.

Then, I learned Spanish because I always loved the sound of the Spanish language and South America. Later, I discovered the beauty of the Russian language. I fell in love with it.

I’ll now follow my instinct again. For example,

I want to learn Portuguese because I love Fado – music from Portugal.

I want to learn Turkish because I love the Turkish food and I’d also like to visit Istanbul.

I want to learn Serbian because I’ve got lots of Serbian friends and they are all great guys!

Any other ideas? I’m ready to flirt with at least another 9!